Our Vision

“A Light in a World Full of Darkness”. That is what I hope to be personally and what I hope this site will be for all who come here searching for something positive and uplifting!

My Story

I have always been drawn towards spirituality and the metaphysical since an early age. Like most people, I was raised in the religion of my family but I always felt that there was something more just beneath the surface, something that was both mysterious and beautiful! It wasn’t until many years later that I answered the calling that I received and I began my journey into the magically wonderful path that I am on now! This site is the result of many years of self discovery that I wish to share with you! I hope you find it helpful, uplifting and may it be a light that guides you on your own spiritual journey!

Meet Star Raven

I have been involved in reading tarot personally and professionally for 15 years. I have also studied astrology and numerology and have been a practicing witch for 20 years.

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