You Can Make A Difference

As Light Workers we often feel that we have to be something big in order to do something big. I struggled with this for many years. I always felt that I needed to be in a certain place in my life where I was successful or well connected in order to do anything important. I felt that unless I met those criterias no one would take me seriously and therefore I could not be of any real service to anyone. It wasn’t until many years later that I realized that many of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers were ordinary people who trusted in the Divine and leaned on them to accomplish great things. We may not be called to lead thousands of souls on a journey of self discovery but we can reach 1 lonely soul in their time of need. We can be a light to all those around us using only the gifts and talents that we have been blessed with. If we can just believe that we can make a difference and trust in the Divine, even if all we do is reach just one person in our lifetime, then our mission as Light Workers will have been successful. In the end, helping lift people up out of the darkness is what we are here to do! Blessed be!