Daily Reading – 3/24/2020

Question: Morning, Noon, Afternoon

Deck: The Robin Wood Tarot

Spread: Past, Present & Future

Date: Mar 24, 2020 at 7:21 AM

16 The Tower

Key – Now to Lose the False Premises

This card means sudden, catastrophic transformation. Broken friendships, lost security, disgrace, the overthrow of ambition or status. But this loss, though sudden and painful, is a good thing because what is being lost was built on false premises, and doomed from the start. Now it will be over, and something new can be built.

Seven of Wands

Key – Take a Stand

This card means success against obstacles, problems solved or turned aside. Bravery, resolution, valor, righteousness, tenacity; being unwilling to let go of a problem. Continuing to fight when all seems lost. Dogged determination and will. Winning against impossible odds.

3 The Empress

Key – Mother

This card means fertility, safety, security, good advice. Great abundance, nurturing, and material wealth. Perhaps pregnancy. A woman who is competent and secure, and building a future for herself and her family. Plenty, joy, growth and success.

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