The Use of Affirmations

As Light workers, we must repeat to ourselves over and over, again and again, constantly, every single day what it is that we are! This constant repetition is necessary for the seed, in other words, your spoken word, to enter the “hidden door” to your mind and be planted in the fertile field of your subconscious. Use “I am” affirmations everyday to build the life you want! Remember, you are already everything! You already have everything… right here, right now! If you can think it, you can be it! If you want to BE something, you have to ACT it first! Thoughts precede words. Words precede actions. But, everything starts in the mind! It is in how you think. It is also in your perspective. Ask yourself, do I see the glass half empty or half full? Both perspectives are correct. But, seeing the glass half full makes all the difference in the world! Your attitudes and beliefs play a huge role in how you see the world and everything in it… including yourself! Remember, the life you are seeking is also seeking you! Blessed be!