Rise Above

I firmly believe that we are living in a point in time when Light Workers, you and I, are being called to share our light with the world more than ever. Our world has become saturated with negativity in all forms! The media is bent on spreading that negativity in order to spread the agendas of the very ones that have made the world the dark place it is today! Don’t let the spread of fear and panic get into you! Rise above it! Listen to your intuition! Spirit will guide you! Practice common sense and use sound judgment. Only when we operate from a place of peace will we see clearly what must be done! We have to stand up and let our light shine! That’s why we are here! That was the mission that we signed on for when we agreed to incarnate into this particular moment in time! We can no longer stay on the sidelines and let the world teeter into oblivion! Remember your mission! Remember who you are! You are a child of the light! Don’t let fear, doubt or disbelief stop you from lifting those around you up out of darkness. Start right where you are! And remember, you are not alone for we are many! We are the Light Workers! Blessed be!