Share Your Light

Everywhere I go, I see people working so hard to try and make sure we have what we need to get through the current Coronavirus pandemic. The other day, I was in a grocery store and I saw an employee working to restock shelves. She looked about 20 something. But, despite her youth, you could see she was tired and stressed out. The strain of everything that has been going on has started to take its toll. As we passed each other, I simply looked her in the eyes, smiled and said, “Thank you for all you do!” In that moment, her expression lit up! It was as if for a brief moment a weight had been lessened. She smiled back and said softly, “Thank you! I needed that!” It was a simple quick exchange between two strangers but it left a powerful mark on me! How can something as simple as a smile and a few kind words make such a big difference in people’s lives? In that moment, a bit of my light was shared with hers and she felt better because of it! It such an easy thing to do, to recognize another’s sacrifice and hard work and to express your gratitude. So, the next time you see someone working hard to make sure you have what you need, please take the time to share your smile, your light and express your gratitude to them! Watch them transform and may you be lifted up too in the process! Blessed be!