TCOTD: Five of Wands

Greetings illuminated ones!

Todays Tarot Card of the Day is the Five of Wands. This card is all about activity! I like to think of it as a day full of appointments. You have to go here, deal with this craziness, then you have to go there and deal with that craziness, but then the next appointment got rescheduled and now the rest of your day is out of whack! Now you have to scramble to arrange someone to pick up the kids, but no one is available etc.. etc… you get the idea. Cards like this one advises you to be flexible. There are things that must get done but there are forces at work that make getting those things done a challenge. Sadly, all you can do is let go, take a deep breath, and go with the flow! If you try to swim against the current you will only wear yourself out and drown! Relax, take a good book along to read when you have to wait 4 hours for an appointment you showed up on time for! Blessed be my witches!

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