The Week Ahead – 3/30 to 4/3

Question: The week ahead.

Deck: The Robin Wood Tarot

Spread: The Short Five Spread

Date: Mar 29, 2020 at 10:21 PM

8 Strength

Key – Strength of Spirit

This card means great moral strength and courage. Spiritual power, energy, and conviction. It may mean the gift of soothing other’s grief or showing them a way to solve their problems. It shows fearlessness and love that can transform the world, or at least the way we think about it.

Ace of Wands

Key – Creation and Power, New Life

This card means creation, creative energy, beginning of growth or life, increase, inheritance, birth, adventure, virility, fertility, evolution, unfolding possibilities.

Knight of Wands

Key – Where Angels Fear to Tread!

This card means overwhelming passion and bravery. Action taken in spite of distractions. Courage, daring, spirit. Someone just looking for a cause to champion, preferably a lost one. Traditionally, it also means a journey, or change of residence.

Queen of Pentacles

Key – Abundance and Practicality

This card means a warm, generous woman, who has the seeker’s best interest at heart. Monetary gifts, intelligence, thoughtfulness, caring. A careful, insightful, practical person. Someone who is not afraid of hard work. A situation or place that embodies these characteristics, or brings them out in the seeker.

21 The World

Key – Wholeness and Mastery

This card means completion, success, the attainment of desire. Since every ending is also a beginning it also means a fresh start, a change for the better, hope for the future. It is the card from which all things are possible. If this one comes up in a reading, the only limits the Seeker has are those she sets herself.